The goal for our Doggie Daycare program is to provide the opportunity for your pet to play and socialize, in a safe environment, while you are away. When you choose us, you are choosing more than just a Daycare Program, you are choosing a program where you and your pup are treated like family.

Our program runs very similar to a child's daycare. We try to keep all of our daycare in groups or pairs, both inside and outside, but there are some pets that just appreciate their own space. While we strive to create a safe environment for your pet there are times when they are not supervised. Please understand that whether or not your pet is supervised, injuries can and do occur. We do our best to keep these instances to a minimum, but accidents do happen.

In the event an injury does occur our staff will make every attempt possible to notify you based on the contact information completed on this form or your pet's chart. Daycare parents agree to notify our office if the contact information changes.